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We promote independence, successful community inclusion & quality of life.



Our team at Aregon have over a decade of experience delivering care to thousands of people who need assistance in communities across the West Midlands and the surrounding area. 

The core mission of Aregon Care is to provide clients with the support they need to live as independently as possible in the homes they have probably known and loved for most of their lives. Our care workers are at the forefront of providing this care by providing vital day-to-day aid and assistance.

We understand how important it is for our care workers to play an important role in ensuring that those in need remain at home. It's a more financially viable and personable way to care for them, which is why it is so important to provide them with at-home care.  


Our vision is to promote independence and successful community inclusion and quality of life.

As a leading care provider serving hundreds of people across the West Midlands, Aregon Care provides assistance to the elderly, to the disabled, and even to the young who need assistance in their everyday lives. 

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“Very caring and reliable carers and good support staff behind the scenes”


Audrey Sellers


“Very good service with the most friendly and caring staff.

Their customer service managers are very skilled at delivering care in a person-centred way"


Arthur Milton

This agency is absolutely fantastic and I would not hesitate for one second in recommending the carers or the management on how they care for clients.

Communication is excellent and the Care Manager is someone who really cares about his service users needs and always goes above and beyond.

Keep up the outstanding work guy's


Betty Taylor


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